Do you want to grow your blog while doing MORE of what you love and LESS of what you hate?

If you’re making a living as a blogger, chances are you’ve discovered that a lot of less than pleasant tasks come with your newfound freedom. The fairy dust has worn off, you’ve seen behind the curtain. And you love it… just not ALL of it.

Maybe you think this is typical – “This is the price I have to pay to do what I love. Pay my dues. I can deal.”

But what about the time? The time it takes you to do all of these mechanical, yet necessary, tasks is time you could be putting into more valuable things. Things like:

  • CREATING amazing content
  • ENGAGING with your audience
  • DREAMING up your next original product to sell

As the architect and mastermind of your dream business, these are all things that you should be doing. That I know you want to be doing more of.

But instead you’re spending that valuable time on maintenance and quality-control tasks which take you twice as long because you can’t stand doing them.

You've got the dreams. You've got the plans. So why are you the one doing the paper work?

I'm Breanne, and I'm a professional Blogging Assistant.

VA Profile
This is me!

That’s right, I’m a virtual assistant who specializes in doing the tasks that most bloggers hate.

I will help you manage all the annoying-but-necessary tasks (you know the ones) that have to get done to keep producing high quality content. I can help you get and STAY organized, and keep the hassle to a minimum.

There’s no reason for you to handle it all on your own.

(And I actually like doing this stuff, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about handing it over!)

What I Do

I Can Help You Manage...

Quality Content

+ Editing Posts, Newsletters

+ Blog Post Formatting

+ Research and Idea Generation

+ Create/Maintain Templates

+ Plan/Manage a Content Calendar

(Asana, CoSchedule, etc.)

Blog Upkeep

+ Update WordPress/plugins

+ Maintain Backups

+ Update old/outdated posts

+ Internal linking/Affiliate links

+ Create or maintain a content bank

+ Light design maintenance/suggestions

Brand Support

+ Respond to blog comments

+ Inbox Management

+ Web/Competitor Research

+ Create branded graphics w/ template

+ On-brand image sourcing

...and more!

And Here's What I'm Bringing...


As a part of your virtual team, I will care for your business as if it were my own. I want to see you succeed!
It will be my pleasure to take away the pressure of ‘keeping up’, so you can be the mastermind and focus on reaching your goals.
I take great pride in my work, no matter what size the task. I believe in getting things done right the first time, so nobody has to go backwards.


I have a long track record as an independent learner, so if there is anything I don’t know already, you can bet I will be out there researching to find it. And I will try to find a solution on my own before I take up your valuable time.

I have a diverse and ever-expanding skill set that I am ready to put to work for you.

I am also a trained fiction and web copy editor. I will gladly put my eagle eye to good use on each line of your copy! I’ve been an editor for so long, I couldn’t turn off my spell check mode if I tried. (And that’s a good thing for you!)


I have spent the last several years studying blogging techniques and online marketing. I put this knowledge to good use in my role as a blog editor with a digital content publisher. I spent a year and a half with them, working on two blogs in the consumer electronics niche. 

In that time I continued to expand my skills. At last I realized that I could be of more value by offering my services to individual businesses. I’ve heard too many stories of business owners winding up sick and even hospitalized due to an overwhelming workload. This won’t become your story if there’s anything I can do about it!

Service Packages


5 hours

  • Pick Any Services
  • Unlimited Email Support


10 hours

  • Pick Any Services
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Premium Editing For Free! (~3000 words)


20 hours

  • Best Value!
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Premium Editing for Free (~5000 words)

*If you don't see the hours you want here, let me know in the contact form. Other pricing options are available.

Specialty Services

assistant, proofreading, copyediting

Proofreading + Copyediting

Avoid the headache of editing your own work, and the unprofessional stigma of typos!
I'll edit: e-books, sales funnel sequences, course content, lengthy blog posts or articles.
(Just about anything with words that you need to give a good impression.)

Proofreading | $.03 / word

This is a final sweep-through for errors before publication.

Copy-Editing | $.04 / word

A more involved editing style -includes reworking some of the writing for conciseness and clarity.

Does it sound like I'll be a good fit for your business? I sure hope so. Here's how you can reach me.

How Can I Help You?

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